$380.00 $350.00

$380.00 $350.00

7g x MDMA Crystals (87%) Premium Dutch Import = $350

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Buy pure MDMA Crystal 87%


MDMA Crystals (87%) Premium Dutch Import (7 grams quantity). For other quantities please refer to by contacting or increasing the order. Brought to you by certified pharmacy online.Your all-in-one resource for whatever stuff you need!

Methylenedioxy-Methamphetamine (MDMA) is one of the best uppers around that keeps you in a good mood for several days and increases sexual appetite! The perfect party, rave or daily companion!

There is no where you can Buy pure MDMA Crystal  100% pure crystal. Too much of this thing is also not good. The best purity factor is at the 85-87% range. At 87% purity, it becomes the perfect balance.

[★] MDMA is an upper. It elevates mood, gives you energy and increases sexual appetite. It also makes sex feel a lot better! [★] MDMA is used medically to treat depression and it is usually accompanied by psychotherapy. In severe cases of depression a
psychiatrist can be able to prescribe MDMA either in crystal or in tablet form. [★] Perfect for the party goers! [★] Also perfect for your sexual use!

Local to Local in USA and international .

Thankfully we already have the stock on-hand in USA. This is a local domestic delivery meaning its much safer to compared to risking your details with an international import.

This is one of the biggest advantages of ordering on certified pharmacy online is that we ensure your utmost safety, security and satisfaction.

Package details:

For every gram of MDMA Crystals it contains 87% pure MDMA.

Buy pure MDMA Crystal 87% with best packaging and stealth

Big Discounts on Bulk Orders:

Prices :

3.5 grams = 200 USD
7 grams = 380 USD
14 grams = 700 USD
28 grams = 1300 USD


All packages are safely checked and sealed to ensure that these pass delivery standards without leaving a trace of doubt for the courier.All pharmaceutical and drug products sold by us are easily deliverable and clients will be safe and also happy to know that their orders are delivered FAST!

Delivery available all over USA ,Europe and Australia !

All shipping information will be deleted so you are assured of safety and anonymity.


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